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 Payroll and HR Software

Payroll and HR Software simplifies the management of human resources and assets. It encompasses all aspects of HR such as basic demographic and address details, selection, potential and talent management, training and development, reimbursement planning records and other related activities from joining to retirement. It reduces time-intensive administrative tasks and lowers cost with the help of different sub-systems under the HR module.


 Features of Payroll and HR Software

  payroll & hr Software


  • Maintains complete database of employee details, attendance, salary details.
  • Maintain employee Performance evaluation and promotion.
  • Payroll system facilitate release of :
  1.  Pay slip
  2. Data of pay structure
  3. Salary calculation
  4. Manages salary as per attendance of employees
  •  Delineates every aspect of job description and candidates profile
  •  Enables quick process of recruitment from giving management a complete control over time and
     resources spent,in recruitment
  • Provides facility to study and enter relevant data to respective database fields for swift administration
       of all functions of HR.




 Leave Management


  Payroll & Hr Software


  • Automatic leave balance calculation with carry forward to next year with prior setup of maximum leave
  • Leave Register Details
  • Maintain records of leave applications, online leave submission and cancelled leaves
  • Facility to credit leave based on number of days/months worked
  • Encashment of leave.
  • Pro-rated leave credit each month, if applicable 
  • Approved leave records
  • Unapproved leave records
  • Provisional Leave Encashment summery
  • Leave status reports



 Income Tax Management

  payroll & hr Software


  • Income Tax Projection with expected TDS to be deducted from the current Month's Salary
  • Generation of Form 16 , Form 16A 
  • TDS and TCS challan
  • Generation of e-TDS Form 24, Form 24Q and Form 27A
  • Provision for storing projected investment amount declared by the employee 
  • Reports on variance between declared and made investment.
  • Calculation for Sub-Loan Interest , Accommodation , Car etc.
  • Exemption Calculation for HRA , Medical , LTA etc.

 Statutory Reports


  payroll software


  • Salary Register
  • PF Reports
  • ESIC Challan
  • ESIC FORMS Form 6 & 7
  • ESI Reports Form 1B, Form 2, Form 5-a
  • PF Challan
  • PF FORMS Form 3a , 5 ,6a ,9 ,10 ,12a
  • Income Tax FORMS Form 16a , Form 16AA , 12BA , 24 , eTDS Form 24 & Form 24Q
  • Wage Register